4 Tips For Marketing Your Business Online


When marketing your business online you have to be creative and stay in the loop on new technologies, widgets, and new channels that pop up on the Internet daily.  The first priority is getting visitors to view your page, blog, banner ad, or whatever you are conveying via the web.

Here are four quick tips on how to make your message stand out:

1) Capitalize the first letter of each word in short sentences or descriptions. For example: what catches your eye more?   "New Bicycle For Sale! Must Sell Fast!" or "new bicycle for sale must sell fast".

2) Capitalize the first letter of each word in a domain name whether linking it online or on any print advertising you may have. or                                                                                                         

3) Always have your hyperlinks "open in a new window".  This takes the visitor to a new page, not away from your blog or website.  This is an example of a hyperlink in a new window.  

4) Always include content that is relative to the subject matter at hand.  If you have a blog titled "Diamond Rings For Sale" and then the content is about tuna sandwiches, you will first of all agitate visitors, but also search engines may deem your site as spamming or having "non relevant" content.

What would Einstein do?