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Posted: Apr 12, 2013

With many choices out there to list your small business, the most common sense one would be a free one....assuming it gives you the exposure that the big corporate ones would give you.  

Enter LocalNoggins.com.  This business directory prides itself in the fact that there is no upsale.  As an advertiser on the site, it is totally FREE and there is never an email sent to you asking you to "upgrade" to get "better" exposure.  The site is chock full of SEO friendly settings to give your business the most exposure online to benefit you and your investment....your business.


There is no magic wand to get you on the first page of Google, but here are some general tips to give you an advantage of your business showing up in organic searches:

*Fill out your address and phone number fields completely

*Be sure to add your state, region, and city of where you are located in the drop down menus.

*Be sure to pick the correct category and complete all drop boxes. Ex: if you are a Realtor, make sure your main category is "real estate" and then the next drop down box you choose "real estate agent".

*Keywords!!  Very important.  Make sure you include all keywords that will help the search engines find you.  Ex: if you are a painter in Dallas, make sure you include words like, paint; also, Dallas, the surrounding areas you cover, specialties, key neighborhoods you may specialize in...etc.

*Include your social media sites.  You will log into those sites and copy and paste them into the corresponding fields.

*Add your logo and up to four photos.

Please share this post as it is FREE and LocalNoggins.com is here to expose your business to the world.


Posted: Jul 20, 2012


When marketing your business online you have to be creative and stay in the loop on new technologies, widgets, and new channels that pop up on the Internet daily.  The first priority is getting visitors to view your page, blog, banner ad, or whatever you are conveying via the web.

Here are four quick tips on how to make your message stand out:

1) Capitalize the first letter of each word in short sentences or descriptions. For example: what catches your eye more?   "New Bicycle For Sale! Must Sell Fast!" or "new bicycle for sale must sell fast".

2) Capitalize the first letter of each word in a domain name whether linking it online or on any print advertising you may have. www.tradeideasinc.com or www.TradeIdeasInc.com                                                                                                         

3) Always have your hyperlinks "open in a new window".  This takes the visitor to a new page, not away from your blog or website.  This is an example of a hyperlink in a new window.  

4) Always include content that is relative to the subject matter at hand.  If you have a blog titled "Diamond Rings For Sale" and then the content is about tuna sandwiches, you will first of all agitate visitors, but also search engines may deem your site as spamming or having "non relevant" content.

What would Einstein do?