LocalNoggins.com FAQ

What is LocalNoggins.com?

LocalNoggins.com is an online business directory focused on providing advertisers an affordable way to expose their business online and is a user friendly site for consumers to navigate.

How much does it cost?

LocalNoggins.com is an online business directory that is totally "FREE" to it's advertisers.

How will my business be found?

LocalNoggins.com has developed the site for the best SEO (search engine optimization) results. When someone searches for a local business in a certain area, many search engines use algorithms that may vary and are very complex, therefore LocalNoggins.com feeds the "information hungry" search engines with relative information for the best results. So when someone types in a certain business category in a certain area, search engines will crawl hundreds of sites looking for a match. If a matching business is listed with LocalNoggins.com, it will show up on a results page.

*It is highly recommended to list as much information as possible to make your listing "attractive" to search engines.

LocalNoggins.com will also have direct hits from consumers....meaning instead of typing in “local plumber” for Daytona Beach, FL and seeing search engine results, some consumers will go straight to our site and search via state, city and category. Make sure your listing stands out!

What if my town or city is not a choice?

Just because your town may not be listed as a metro area within the LocalNoggins.com area maps, it doesn’t mean you will not be found. For example, let's say you are an electrician in a small town outside of Dallas, TX. You may enter your listing under Dallas, but make sure you enter your physical address because if someone searches for that small town’s electricians, you will be a result on a page showing you are an electrician that services Dallas and surrounding areas.  

Tip: Always fill out your profile completely including areas serviced!!

What if there are already 10 or more businesses in my category?

Search engines crawl sites and pull information from the whole site, so it doesn’t mean you will not be found if you are not the only business in that category. Consumers want choices, so it’s up to you to make your listing as attractive as possible...include as much information as you can about your business. When someone does a search on a search engine, your listing has just as much chance as the next one to pull in a search query, so the more information you have, the better!